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Job Affair




Team & partners

Jan Van Hove

Trainer and Consultant

Anita Silva

Trainer and Consultant

Tomáš Pešek

Trainer and Consultant

Adelka Dvorackova

Trainer and Consultant

This project was funded by the Erasmus +: Youth in Action Program, hosted by Orbis Institute and organised in collaboration with the following partners:


  • Portugal - Associação Check-In

  • Czech Republic - Prazdninova Skola Lipnice, O.S.

  • Poland - Fundacja Na Rzecz Rozwoju Kariery Trampolina Talentow

  • Belgium - Vzw Lejo

  • Slovenia - Socialna Akademija - Zavod Za Izobrazevanje, Raziskovanje In Kulturo

  • UK - The Inside Out Programme

  • Netherlands  - Stichting Jeugdwerk Maaspoort 

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